DITA CREATE Annual Conference in 2023

The second DITA CREATE Annual Conference in 2023 took place from May 1st to 3rd. This joint event was organized by five CREATE programs housed at York University: DITA, SMART-ART, TABES, MTA, and AM-EDGE CREATE Programs. The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Magdalena Krol, Associate Dean of Research, Innovation, Enterprise & Partnerships at York University. The event featured five guest talks delivered by industry experts, as well as an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) talk. Approximately 100 students and professionals from both industry and academia attended the conference. Moreover, 50 students had the opportunity to present their research activities through poster and oral presentations.

Keynote Speakers

Poster Presentations

Detailed Program


Day 1, May 01:

Time Events
8:30  Breakfast & Registration
9:15 Welcoming Remarks and Opening Keynote Guest: Prof. Magdalena Krol
Associate Dean – Research, Innovation, Enterprise & Partnerships
Program Overview and Updates
9:30  SMART-ART presented by Prof. Zhu & Dr. Hegde
9:40  TABES presented by Prof. Brar & Dr. Hegd
9:50  MTA presented by Prof. Lee & Dr. Guo
10:00  DITA presented by Prof. Litoiu & Dr. Namrud
10:10  AM-EDGE presented by Prof. Czekanski & Mr. Khan
EDI Guest talk
10:30  Topic title: Leading with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Mind Speaker: Ms. Lisa Cole, York University
11.00  Break
Guest talk (MTA program guest)
11:15  Topic title: Practical Considerations of Imaging Technologies in
Fluorescence Microscopy
Speaker: Dr. Dan Stevens, Carl Zeiss
Guest talk (SMART-ART program guest)
12:00  Topic title: A Challenge Problem in Autonomous Robotics:
Precision Control of Flexible System
Speaker: Dr. Wen-Hong Zhu, CSA
Guest talk (TABES program guest)
12:45 Topic title: Environmental Sustainability – The Road Travelled Speaker: Mr. Kevin Matthews, CCI Bioenergy
13:30  Lunch
14.45  Oral presentation by CREATE students - Session - 01 Oral presentation by CREATE students - Session - 02
16:45  Break
17:00 Poster presentation by CREATE students
18:30  Dinner & Networking


Day 2, May 02:

Time Events
8:30  Breakfast & Registration
Guest talk (AM-EDGE program guest)
9:30  Speaker: Dr. Cari Whyne, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Guest talk (DITA program guest)
10:00  Topic title: Security and Societal Challenges as a Consequence of AI Advancements Speaker: Dr. Vio Onut, IBM
10:45  Break
11:00  Oral presentation by CREATE students - Session - 01 Oral presentation by CREATE students - Session - 02
13:00  Lunch
14:15  Poster presentation by CREATE students
15.15 Grad school to Industry Organizer: Prof. Regina Lee
16:00 Concluding remarks/td> Presented by: CREATE Directors
16:30  Break
16:45 Lab Tour Organizers: Prof. Lee, Prof. Czekanski, Prof. Litoiu


 Day 3, May 03:

Time Events
8:30  Breakfast & Registration
9:30 Introduction to Morning Speaker: Prof. Joel
9:45 Elemental media workshop Speakers: Vithurshan & Akash
9:55 Experience from Ontario Science Led by: Joel & Sensorium, York University
11:00  Break
Entrepreneurship 1, (DITA program guest)
11:15 Topic title: The Great American Scream Machine Speaker: Hassan Jaferi & founders of SilicoLabs
Entrepreneurship 2, (MTA program guest)
12:00 Topic title: Entrepreneurship Session w/ Julien Papon Speaker: Prof. Julien Papon
13:00 Lunch Networking (Entrepreneurship Discussion continues)