2019 DITA 1st Workshop


DITA Program is offering the 1st DITA Workshop on May 9th & 10th, 2019, 8:30AM - 5:00PM.

The Workshop consists of a full-day Integrative Course, "Software Engineering Lifecycle of IoT Systems", offered on May 9th; followed by a full day of workshops, organized by DITA program and conducted by IBM. DITA students, DITA professors and industrial partners coming from different areas of expertise and backgrounds come together from across Canada to learn and enjoy two full days of activities and knowledge sharing.

The course,"Software Engineering Lifecycle of IoT Systems", consists of several lectures by DITA professors coming from different disciplines and fields, to present a comprehensive overview of the IoT domain and the related technologies as well as exposure to case studies from application domains.

IBM Workshops, conducted by IBM Canada, on May 10th consists of a full day of workshops on different topics delving into the area of IoT and its applications. The event will provide great opportunity for exploring and gaining hands-on experience with several IBM platforms and software.

this is event is free to public. For more information and registration contact nikfars@yorku.ca