2022 DITA Summer School Posters


Presenter Name Affiliation Poster Title
Yar Rouf York University Towards a Robust On-line Performance Model Identification for Change Impact Prediction
Gabriele Cianfarani York University IoT Protocol Security and a Framework for MQTT Fuzzing
Mahmoud Alsaeed Learning Spatial-temporal Representation for Mobility-related Problems using Transformers-inspired model
Gian Alix York University STripE: Safe Point-of-Interest Recommendation Models during Epidemics
Saba Zarbaf York University Empirical Evaluation of Conceptual Modelling Language
Hoda Torabi York University An IoT Federating Learning Approach for Privacy and Performance
Nazanin Akhtarian York University A Multi-Tier Load Balancer for IoT Applications
Harit Ahuja York University Machine Learning Algorithms for Long Covid Effects Detection
Ramon Diaz Ramos University of Alberta Physiological and Behavioural Data Collection to Predict Anxiety, Stress, and Depression Among Students
Mahsa Hadian Polytechnique Montréal Developing a BenchmarkTool for Edge Device
Felipe Rivera University of Victoria Self-Adaption and Runtime Model Evolution Toward Next-Generation, Software-Intensive Digital Twin Systems
Jashwanth Reddy Sarikondda University of Alberta Integrating BIM and BRICK for a semantics-aware Building Digital Twin Platform