The NSERC CREATE Program in Dependable Internet of Things Applications (DITA) provides interdisciplinary training and research in software engineering for a broad range of Internet of Things Platforms and Applications.

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a family of technologies, protocols, software and algorithms that enable sensor-embedded-objects such as city infrastructure, buildings, appliances and personal accessories to connect to the Internet. The data emitted by these objects can be archived on the cloud, where it is fused and analyzed to make inferences that can be used to improve human activities and experiences in the real world. IoT technologies are becoming the key enablers for building context-aware applications in a variety of domains, such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities and buildings, and personalized healthcare.

The program is a multi-institution, multi-sector collaboration between York University (the lead institution), University of Alberta, Polytechnique of Montreal, Ryerson University, University of Toronto and University of Victoria, together with a number of leading Canadian high-tech companies focused on cloud computing, analytics and machine learning, smart building, smart health care and smart transportation.

The program enrols graduate students and post-doctoral fellows of the involved institutions, in the home departments of the co-PIs. Students may bring a technical or application domain background (e.g., Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, or Health).

Our trainees take positions in industry, universities and government, and will be Canadian leaders in the field of Internet of Things Engineering in a broad range of application areas.