2024- CREATE Annual Conference-- Students Presentations


Presenter Name Affiliation Presentation and Poster Title
Ali Faraji York University Trajectory data mining
Amirhossein Nadiri York University Trajectory Prediction Learning Using Deep Generative Models
Anton Machula York University Predicting Persisting Post Concussion Symptoms Using Kinematics Measured During
an Augmented Reality Task
Fares Hamouda York University DMBench: Load Testing and Benchmarking Tool for Data Migration
Gabriele Cianfarani York University Data Siphoning Attacks on ICS and the Critical Role of Cryptoperiods
Nina Yanin York University Modelling the risk of infection at a point-of-interest
Wejdene Haouari York University Decision-support platform development to address key challenges in Site Reliability
Engineering (SRE)
Komal Sarda York University KubePlaybook: LLMs Generated Ansible Playbook Repository for
Kubernetes Auto-Remediation
Raphael Rouf York University InstantOps: A Joint Approach to System Failure Prediction and Root Cause Identification in Microservices Cloud-Native Applications